Multicultural, INL Recipe Book launched on World Food Day

October 16, 2021

World Food Day is held every year on October 16th. On this day, more than 150 countries unite to raise awareness of the issues surrounding poverty and hunger. At INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, we’ve decided to celebrate this date with the launch of a unique initiative made by INL people, a book with recipes, the INL Recipe Book: Multicultural.

This book brings together 86 delicious recipes from 30 different countries. Multicultural is an invitation for you to get to know the INL community (scientists, managers, students, administrators) that come from all around the world to work at INL. This is an invitation to enjoy and feel the multiculturalism that we live and breathe at INL.

Multicultural covers everything from soups and stews, snacks and sharing plates, main dishes, pastry, doughs, cakes, and drinks. In this book, you will find recipes that have been handed down through generations, including Fesenjun, Empanada de Millo, Koshari, Himalayan Dumplings, Gemista, Bandeja Paisa, Chicken Satay and Leite Creme; as well as new creations such as Berry Mojitos, Chicken Roulade, Tuna and Sweet Potato Fritters, and Cogumelos à Bulhão Pato. For each recipe, there’s a beautiful and mouth-watering photograph.

Lars Montelius, the INL Director-General, says “the cookbook is intended to be a carrier for the importance of inclusiveness and diversity.” The INL recipe book was developed during the difficult pandemic situation and that shows how the power of individuals, addressing the same goal, can overcome difficulties and borders. This is also what we, the community of INLers, strive to do in our daily work in making society better.

The official launch of the INL Recipe Book: Multicultural happened yesterday at INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory and for the first time, since the pandemic, we were able to gather, mingle, and have a little fun. It seemed just like a normal day. It’s good to be back!