Technology Engineering

Technology Engineering

Our group is a cohesive, multifaceted engineering team that promotes INL’s core R&D&I, particularly in the area of system engineering. It aims to expand the installed capacities for an interdisciplinary approach to transform concepts into high-quality nanotechnology-based products and services.

The multidisciplinary team is composed of engineers from different areas, namely mechanical, electronic, computer engineering and physics, working closely together with researchers to enable a faster and more effective knowledge transfer.

The group concluded several prototypes and replicas for

a) an automated system for total microcystin-LR quantification in freshwater; in collaboration with the Water Quality Group

b) an integrated micro total analysis system for DNA/RNA; in collaboration with the Food Quality and Safety Group

c) a data acquisition platform for magnetoresistive sensors for applications within Industrial Tool Condition Monitoring; in collaboration with the Spintronics Group.

d) a portable detection system for Aeromonas salmonicida in seawater aquaculture systems, in collaboration with the Water Quality Group

e) lamp-on-a-disk system employing advanced heating methods and enhanced computer vision for colourimetric and/or fluorescent detection, in collaboration with the Food Quality and Safety Group

Engineering topics:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer vision and engineering
  • Electronic engineering

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