INL held joint workshop with JRC on nanotechnology applied to food, nanomedicine, and toxicity

October 20, 2013


On November 19th INL hosted a joint workshop with researchers from the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission and INL researchers focused on nanotechnology applications to food, nanomedicine, and toxicity, strategic research areas at International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.

The full programme is available here. INL input focussed on the research developed on biosensor platforms, detection of allergenic ingredients on food products, nanoparticles for food and biomedical applications, and the design and characterization of biointerfaces.

The invited speakers from the JRC presented ongoing work involving nanomaterials and devices, and in particular covered regulatory aspects, definitions, and testing methodologies. Following a visit to the INL facilities and main laboratories, INL researchers, external experts and JRC members met to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Common research subjects were identified, and possible ways of further collaboration between INL and different JRC institutes is expected to start soon. Invited experts from the JRC were Elke Anklam (Director of the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements), Juan Riego Sintes (Nanobiosciences Unit), Josefa Barrero Moreno (Chemical Assessment and Testing Unit), Franz Ulberth (Standards for Food Bioscience Unit), and Aurelie Gommenginger (Interinstitutional and Stakeholder Relation Unit).

Experts form research and academia from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Iceland, Serbia and Portugal also participated in the event.